Name: Brianne Sheridan

Occupation: Recent graduate with 3+ years of experience in Marketing, Communications, & Events

Education: B.A. in Public Relations with a minor in Theatre Arts; M.S. in Marketing

Current City: Denver, CO

Hometown: Chico, CA

Summary: My mother likes to tell people that I started talking at a very early age and she's still waiting for me to stop. Since I am an honest individual I must admit, it is an exaggeration that is largely based on truth. Communicating has always been something I've done well and frequently. It began with the simple ability to speak and grew into so much more: a full-blown communication addiction.

My addiction grew from excelling in language classes throughout primary and secondary school to selecting public relations as my major in college. It started to spiral downward with two internships during undergraduate. Before I knew it, my addiction had taken me clear across the Atlantic to a journalism internship in Viterbo, Italy, where I studied abroad for nearly 6 months. I didn't even know Italian when I landed but my love of learning actually earned me elementary level language skills by the time I returned to the US.

Immediately upon my return to California, I received my B.A. in Public Relations and started my career. I gained over three years of marketing and communications experience in the nonprofit and healthcare industries before deciding to pursue my M.S. in Marketing at the University of Denver, which I just received.

My addiction to strategic communication brought me to the wonderful city of Denver, where I hope to find the perfect company to grow my career within. Since I have no plans to kick this habit, and there's no such thing as Communications Anonymous, I'll be enjoying the ride no matter where the path takes me. That seems to be how passion works. So be my guest and take a look around my website to get a glimpse into this exciting adventure of mine.